Harrisburg Land Use Planning Under Way

The Town of Harrisburg is currently working with a consultant to help develop a Land Use Plan that will better suit the wants and needs of Harrisburg going forward.

Below you will find a questionnaire provided by the consultant for local business owners, asking their opinion and feedback regarding opportunity and job growth within Harrisburg.  Please take some time to print and fill out the questionnaire.  You can then either bring it with you to our next HBA meeting (Thursday, Sept. 28 at Town Hall), or you can mail it in or drop it off to:

Josh Watkins
Planning Director
Town of Harrisburg
4100 Main Street, Ste 101
Harrisburg, NC 28075

This is just the first of many steps to be taken in the process of developing a well defined Land Use Plan that will guide the zoning and land use in Harrisburg towards the needs and wants of both its businesses and residents.  I ask that all businesses take a few minutes and complete and turn in the questionnaire and provide as much feedback as possible.  Help us make Harrisburg the town we all want it to be.

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